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Coastal Cruises

This coast is steeped in history as you will discover whilst listening to
the narrative on our Guided Tours. Binoculars and information leaflets are
also provided to share.

Tour 2: Coastal 30 minutes

A 30 minute Coastal cruise on one of our two famous Wash
Monster amphibious vessels, out of The Wash and into the
North Sea, viewing the cliffs, lighthouse and Old Hunstanton.

Did you know?

Old Hunstanton was a favoured landing place of smugglers and was often a prime target for the 'King's Men' who patrolled this stretch of coastline in the 18th Century! In the graveyard of St Mary the Virgin at Old Hunstanton are buried two soldiers who were killed in battles with smugglers.


Tour 3: The Old Wreck, 30 minutes

30 minute tour on one of our two Wash Monster amphibious vessels, includes viewing the cliffs, the lighthouse and wreck of The Sheraton built in 1907 grounded in 1947.  Subject to tidal conditions

Did you know?

The Steam Trawler Sheraton was built in 1907 for fishing and was later used for boom defence work during World War I and served as a patrol vessel in WWII, for which she was fitted with a six pounder gun. During a gale in 1947 she broke free of her mooring and drifted onto the beach at Hunstanton. Much of the Sheraton was salvaged but the bottom of the hull remains on the beach in the intertidal zone.


Tour 4: Coastal 20 minutes

20 minute shoreline coastal tour, to capture panoramic views of Hunstanton and The Wash, on one of our two Wash Monster amphibious vessels.

Did you know?

The iconic striped cliffs of Hunstanton were recognised as one of the UK's top geological sites by the Geological Society of London in 2014. The top part of the cliff is made of white chalk from the Upper Cretaceous era. Below this is a band of a limestone called Red Chalk from the Lower Cretaceous era formed over a period of 15 million years. Beneath that is Carrstone - which is a red-brown colour.


Tour 5: Sandbank Special

Visit one of the Sandbanks of the Wash on our magnificent Wash Monster where you can walk down the bow ramp and explore this unique environment.

Did you know?

Sandbanks provide important nursery grounds for young fish species, including plaice, cod and sole.


Tour 6:Look out for our 1 hour special at selected times, in Wizzy exploring The Wash

Did you know?

The Wash is a long stretch of sand and low cliffs , with exposed salting’s and tidal inlets. It was here in 1216 that King John's treasure train got trapped by the tide in quicksand, and disappeared below the seas of the Wash. It has never been recovered!



All Coastal Tours - £10.00


New Guidelines: Pre-Booking Required. We will require all names of group along with address and contact telephone numbers.
Board from the Sea Tours Kiosk, Central Promenade, Hunstanton.

Call 01485 534 444 to check running times due to weather conditions.