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Searles Sea Tours are looking forward to a monster 2020.

We welcomed our third LARC (Light Amphibious Resupply Cargo) vessel to its Sea Tours fleet.The rare boat will join the other two vessels in becoming a famous Wash Monster, offering award-winning sea safaris and tours along the coast. 

The new boat will be called Waler, after the first name initials of myself, William, my daughters Aimee and Laura, my wife Elizabeth/Lizzie and my daughter Rachel. Wiley and Wizzy, are also named after mine and my wife’s first name initials. 
The first two Wash Monsters are painted as cartoon killer sharks, but the new one will become a killer whale.
Searles welcomed the new boat in December 2016 after an long journey to Hunstanton from Tilbury docks. 

If you wish to enquire about hiring one of these special vessels in 2020 please call 01485 534 444

I would like to thank all of our customers and visitors for your continued support and wonderful reviews in 2019. 

Do continue to upload your reviews and we all look forward to seeing you in 2020! 

Best wishes

Captain Willie


Captain Willie and his friends invites you to follow them on their magical adventures.




Wiley the Wash Monster sat on the beach and all his controls were on stop.
For this was the time of his annual wash; the Captain stood by with a mop.
But just as he dipped it to start washing down, they heard someone call from the sea.
And so Captain Willie, he leaned on the mop; “Well that sounds like trouble to me.”

He started the engine; the Wash Monster grinned, he never liked wash days at all.
“I see someone waving;” he then shouted out; “come on Captain, answer their call.”
The Captain had powers that no-one else had; he understood what Wiley said.
And he had the power to talk to the fish, and sea creatures on the sea bed.

And Wiley the Wash Monster was special too; he was an amphibious boat.
It meant he had wheels that could roll on the sand, and once in the sea he would float.
The wheels on the Wash Monster soon picked up speed, the sand was as smooth as could be.
Well inside a minute those wheels were not used as they floated out into the sea.

They heard the voice calling and steamed through the waves; they had not a moment to lose.
“Oh this IS exciting,” the Wash Monster said; “more fun than a gentle sea cruise.”
They soon found the person who called out to them was not a real person at all.
That it was none other than Si the Seal; the Captain asked; “Why did you call?

You could not be drowning,” the Captain then said; “I hope that you’re not tricking me.”
“Oh no,” replied Si; “I wouldn’t do that; there’s something out here you should see.”
And then a great fountain of water shot up; it rose from the sea to the sky.
The Captain, the Wash Monster, the Seal, all looked up the fountain was ever so high.

And then with a crash and an almighty splash; the water came down like a storm. It covered the Wash Monster’s deck as it fell and it was both salty and warm.
And then a huge shape it just rose from the sea, with eyes and a wide flapping tail.
“Oh my,” gasped the Captain; “what’s HE doing here?” The shape was of course, a huge Whale.

But Si was shaking with fear at the sight; he shouted; “Let’s get out of here!”
But then Captain Willie, he said to the Seal, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing to fear.”
The Whale said, “I’m sorry for soaking you sir; you see I was stuck in the sand.
But now that the tide has come in like it has; I’ll just swim along as I’d planned.”

It said, “my name’s Wally, I just lost my way; I’m sorry for troubling
I turned a wrong corner somewhere near Skegness; it’s something we Whales sometimes do.”
The Whale said goodbye before swimming away; the Captain he gave a wide grin.
“Well Wiley, that Whale has saved ME from a job; you’re shining now like a new pin.”

The Captain and Wiley went back to the shore; where people were forming long queues.
They picked up some passengers, then turned around and took them upon a sea cruise.


If you would like to see more of David’s stories, he has published his first children's picture book which is now available on Amazon: CLICK HERE

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All gifts are available in person from Sea Tours Kiosk or by post.

For orders by post please call 01485 53 44 44 with your debit or credit card details via a secure payment method.