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The tour starts from The Promenade where Wizzy The WashMonster takes you across The Wash out to the sandbanks that are used by the resident population of common seals.

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How many seals are there?

The largest colony/group of Common Seals in the UK, possibly the world, is in the Wash. This area has a large expanse of shallow tidal sandbanks and is fed by four large tributaries. There are currently over 3,000 common seals in The Wash.

There are also smaller breeding colonies on the East coast of England – Blakeney, Norfolk; Scroby Sands, Norfolk. Seals travel on land at between 3 and 4mph and can reach 30 to 40mph when swimming submerged!

Seals can hunt at night, using their sensitive whiskers to find prey, and will normally spend much of the daytime hauled up on the sandbanks sleeping. Late summer is the best time to observe seal pups

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